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Xppeal is a registered trademark for the handicraft FMCG products like Bath Soap, Cosmetics, etc. Xppeal has launched its two luxuries handmade soaps i.e.

      • Xppeal Lemongrass Citrus

      • Xppeal Lemongrass citrus handcrafted soap bar is produced from pure lemongrass essential oils enriched with citrus which detoxifies the body. This soap bar cleanses the skin pore, reduces body ache, relieves muscle pain, brightens the skin, moisturize the skin and calms stress and anxiety for both men and women. It contains citrus that will help exfoliation of skin and makes it naturally glowing and refreshing. It can be used safely on face and all over the body for all skin types. No Phthalates, No animal testing.

      • Xppeal Strawberry

      • Xppeal Strawberry handcrafted soap bar is produced from sweet fresh strawberries essential oils which removes tan and reduces fine wrinkles. This soap bar cleanses, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, exfoliates the dead skin, removes body odour, diminish acne & dark spots, effective to reduce the excess sebum and reduce the oil from oily skin and makes it smooth, soft and supple. This soap has strawberry extract that gently polish the skin to make it youthful and glowing.


Product Ideology

Xppeal products are designed with an aim to provide the fashionable look to its customers. We have carved the best fragrances from the expert of fragrances to give a calm pleasure to the person who passes nearby you. We have handcrafted the Xppeal product to provide you non-synthetic product. Xppeal is just not bathe soap it's a way to become fragranced, youthful, glowing and fashionable.

Fashion Ideology

Xppeal believes fashion is not just a way to wear good clothes and make stylish hairstyle. Fashion is about looking young, active, glowing, pleasant smell, energetic and calm look.